Opuscule preview #02

I can’t believe I’m still working on this application instead of doing some actual game development. On the other hand, I’m now very close to release it to the public, and I’m quite happy with the result. I’ve been using Opuscule for my projects, and while there are features I can’t add (yet) because of my limited programming skills, I’ve managed to build something much more powerful and useful than what I initially envisioned.

Bugs aside, while it’s still far from being perfect, Opuscule works. I’ve added a lot of functionalities that fit well together, and the HTML export option has become a core feature, even if I had no idea how to code it when I started the project. Turns out all you need to output working HTML is to add a .html extension at the end of your file name… and that’s it. It doesn’t mean my output file is clean, it’s quite a horrendous bunch of hacks at the moment, but it’s valid HTML5.

HTML export with neon theme.

So you can now turn your notes into a single HTML document, which includes a dynamic table of content with links, and supports any kind of HTML markup you enter in your source text. Which means you can share your work pretty easily, offline or online. You can even build a whole website with several “books” linking to each other, if you want to.

For a more concrete example, have a look at the Opuscule homepage. It is generated, indeed, with Opuscule itself. I’m now toying with the idea of adding special pages to let users include their own CSS and JavaScript, a bit like Twine 2, so it would be fairly easy to customize HTML documents. I really need to clean up my CSS before adding this feature, though…

And that’s all for now. Contact me if you’d like to test an alpha version!

New log category: core.

I’ve decided to create a general purpose blog because I need:

– A space to write down stuff that isn’t directly linked to a project.
– A space for projects that don’t require a dedicated subdomain (yet).
– A way to aggregate such content and repost it to log.lectronice.com.

This is the (quick and dirty) result. I hope you like it.