Opuscule preview #01

Lately I’ve spent a lot of time developing my own writing application. But why, would you ask, oh why, since there are already so many writing apps? Well, because none of them has been designed by myself.

I also wanted to give a try to Godot, the game engine used by RPG in a Box. While it’s indeed a game engine, it also has a very clean and friendly IDE, and a lot of built-in functions and features to manage UI elements, including a customizable text editor.

The core idea behind Opuscule is to break the usual vertical workflow of writing apps and use a fragmented approach instead. Each fragment can be a page of any size, so you’re free to use it as a short note or as a whole document. You can then cycle between fragments using keyboard shortcuts, and insert new ones wherever you need them.

Opuscule is currently in a very early stage, I still have many features to add and tweak before releasing a first version. I’m struggling with data structure and save/load functions, but I’m also learning a lot. Once I manage to reach a basic, stable version, I’ll get back to my game projects, and keep improving it along the way. I also have plans to rebuilt my time tracking app with Godot, or and possibly add time tracking and data visualization to Opuscule.